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Our Firm

Murdock Asbestos was established in 1898 by C.W. Murdock as a general construction firm.  In 1972, we performed the first asbestos removal project in the United States - Yale's Art & Architecture building.

The Yale Art & Architecture asbestos removal project became a nationwide case study from which all current regulations were developed.  We completed our first lead abatement project in 1989 and in 2000 we performed our first mold remediation project at Cigna Insurance Co. corporate offices in Pennsylvania.  Murdock Asbestos has completed over 10,000 abatement projects, all with our own-trained crews.


Some of our early work includes the 1st (2) school asbestos abatement projects for the NYC Board of Ed. These six figure T & M projects were used as a training program for NYC contractors, consultants, City, OSHA and EPA.

In 1988, president and owner Glenn Murdock served on the State committee to develop the State of CT asbestos regulations. These are the regulations still in effect today. Glenn was also hired by the U.S. Parks Department. to assist in renovations to Ellis Island and has provided assistance to the U.S. Postal Service.

In 2002 we completed Phase I of a mold remediation project for the State of CT. It involved abatement work in a 20 story occupied building. Federal NIOSH was on site monitoring work, as this project was used as a case study for future mold remediation projects nationwide. In 2003 we were awarded Phase II.


A Few of the Projects That We Completed:


  •  AT&T Corporate Headquarters Renovation > $1,000,000.00

  •  CHC Physicians complete fireproofing abatement during occupancy of a hospital type facility

  •  Sikorsky Aircraft - 55,000 S.F. and 1 mile of piping in 6 weeks

  •  Yale University - 25,000 S.F. in 3 weeks

  •  Westport (CT) Staples School Auditorium - 10,000 S.F. in 4 days

  •  Mohegan Sun Casino - 53,000 S.F. in 3 weeks

  •  Cigna Insurance Co. Corporate Headquarters

  •  Exxon Mobil Co. 8,000 SF oven and related work $350,000.00

  •  Best Foods Baking Group


Murdock Asbestos mold remediation projects are unique for the following reasons:


  • We know construction and proper way homes should have been constructed. This is extremely helpful in identifying reasons for mold.

  • We employ the same dust control and decontamination techniques we use on asbestos for lead paint abatement and mold remediation projects.

  • If replacement is required, we can guide you through the proper steps if you wish to do the work yourself or we can perform replacement in-house.

  • Most of our competitors have their history in mold via carpet cleaning, asbestos via pipe insulation and lead paint via painting. They know little about construction.


Our Guarantee:

Murdock Asbestos does it right the first time, no matter what it takes. If we encounter a problem then we stay on site until work the work is complete, no matter what it takes or costs.

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