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Murdock Asbestos completed the 1st asbestos removal project in 1972.  Though we have worked throughout the United States, our focus is mostly in New Haven and Fairfield counties, along the Connecticut shoreline, and north up to Hartford, CT.  We have completed more than 10,000 projects in over 35 years in commercial and residential, in schools and condominiums, as well as apartments, public housing, and retail space.  The majority of our work is for repeat clients.


Asbestos is our main line of work at Murdock Asbestos.  It includes removal and encapsulation.  Asbestos pipe insulation, spray fireproofing, flooring, mastic, siding, ceilings, caulking, drywall, plaster, vermiculite, etc.  We follow all required procedures for proper disposal and use an independent lab to provide final air sampling



Lead Paint


Lead paint is still a problem in older homes.  Murdock Asbestos strips the paint, removes components where required, encapsulates, and decontaminates.  We work on exterior or the interior and follow all EPA Lead Renovator regulations on your project including work area protection, dust containment, and final cleaning.


Mold Remediation


Murdock Asbestos' mold remediation projects are unique. We know construction and proper way homes should be built. We employ the same dust control and decontamination techniques that we use on asbestos, lead paint abatement, and mold remediation projects.



PCB Caulking

Murdock Asbestos' expertise in PCB caulk abatement is second to none.  We handle containment, component removal, encapsulation, decontamination, and hazmat disposal.  We closely follow all the required guidelines and procedures to insure the job is done right and done safely.


Interior Demolition

We specialize in interior demolition in occupied spaces.  Over the years, Murdock Asbestos has refined the materials disposal and dust containment in our demo operations. With our expertise in asbestos, lead paint, and mold remediation, we can identify a hazardous situation and move immediately to resolve it.


Murdock Asbestos does it right the first time, no matter what it takes. If we encounter a problem then we stay on site until work the work is complete, no matter what it takes or costs.

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